The surprising moment I reignited my childhood wonder

They both raced off ahead,
Amidst squeals of pure delight.
I wandered happily behind,
Draped in glorious Winter sunlight.

It’s warmth caressed my skin,
A contrast to the breeze.
The Winter chill most evident,
In the shadow of the trees.

Tree shadow shape

I wrapped my arms around,
An attempt to block the cold.
Heading for the park bench,
To watch their fun unfold.

They ran, they climbed they swung,
Two kids in all their glory.
My Mumma heart now swooned,
As we added to our story.


Park Bench

The wind was picking up,
Roaring through the trees.
I scanned the park quite rapidly,
In the hope of a warm reprieve.

My shining knight appeared,
Glistening in the sun.
Basking in the glory,
I knew this was the one.

As my teeth began to chatter,
My hand reached out to touch
Oh yes my metal lovely,
You just confirmed my hunch.

I scrambled up the play gym,
I sat there legs outstretched.
Oh the simple pleasure
The warmth radiating up my legs.

Ready to slide

The kids came hurtling over,
Their Mum was on the slide.
They both squeezed in behind me,
All prepared to enjoy the ride.

I savoured the anticipation,
Felt the tickle of their embrace.
I glanced quickly over my shoulder,
Capturing the smiles upon their face.

In that sweet, delicious moment,
As we slipped along the slide.
The three of us together,
My body burst apart with pride.

We played a little longer,
The chill had now departed.
My heart glowing like a furnace,
Childhood wonder now reignited.
When was the last time you played like a child?

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  1. says

    When my kids were growing up I was very focused on being a good mom and I didn’t always play when I could. Now that they are grown and have turned out so darned well, I am as giddy as a school girl and I grab some silly every day.
    Your kids will remember this moment forever. Glad you had fun.
    May recently posted…Focusing on My GoalMy Profile

  2. says

    It’s been awhile….but your beautiful poem brought it all back to life! Now if I can just find a playground with a slide….I’ll be set!! Oh! Almost forgot….loving them shoes!

  3. says

    Today! With bubbles.
    I’ve heard it was very cold for you. Which is funny because when we were in winter, I remember you talking about summer. And now it’s vice versa.
    Tamara recently posted…Over The Top.My Profile

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